Summer of Code


The following Mozilla development projects are participating in Google's Summer of Code program.

Project Name Project Description Student Mentor
BugXula XUL front-end for Bugzilla Ian Thomas Myk Melez
Cockatoo SIP phone client for Thunderbird Filip Dalüge Brian King
EventLogger An advanced macro and testcase creation tool for Firefox Ben Basson Brian King
Firefoxinhindi Firefox in Hindi Payal Chakravarty Gervase Markham
firepuddle A functional BitTorrent client built with XUL/XPCOM Loune Lam Gervase Markham
MozLv Mozilla Latvian localization Lauris Bukšis-HaberkornsMyk Melez
MultiExI Install Mozilla/Firefox extensions across multiple machines Ludwig Hunecke David Boswell
Muzzled Development of a graphical theme builder for Mozilla Dipankar Sarkar David Boswell
Thailocalization Localizase Firefox and Thunderbird to Thai Zek Kelley Brian King
vi Vietnamese translation of Firefox Minh Xuan Nguyen David Boswell

The summer project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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